Memory installation


If your computer has been performing fast and now your laptop, pc or Mac is running so slow, slow to open application, slow to open internet browser, slow to turn-on, slow to boot-up and slow and slow and so slow! Your computer need full health-checks and possible memory upgrade.

All of the following systems can get the memory installation:

  • HP Memory
  • Compaq Memory
  • ASUS Memory
  • Gateway Memory
  • Toshiba Memory
  • Acer Memory
  • IBM Memory
  • Sony Memory
  • Dell Dimension
  • Dell Inspiron Desktop
  • Dell Inspiron Laptop
  • Apple iMac
  • Dell Optiplex
  • Apple MacBook
  • Dell Latitude
  • MacBook Pro
  • Compaq Presario
  • IBM ThinkPad
  • DDR3, DDR2, DDR
  • Performance Memory
  • Secure Digital Flash Memory
  • microSD Flash Memory
  • CompactFlash Memory
  • Camera Phone Flash Memory
  • USB Drives, SSD
  • Dell Desktop
  • Dell Laptop
  • Dell Server
  • HP-Compaq Desktop
  • HP-Compaq Notebook
  • HP-Compaq Server
  • Apple Desktop
  • Apple Laptop
  • Toshiba Notebook
  • ASUS Motherboard