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If you’re searching for a quick and quality iPhone repair service in the Dallas area, then you have found the right place. Our certified iPhone repair technicians have several years of experience in fixing iPhones of all models and have faster repair turn around time. Our screen replacement services have a turn around time of 25 minutes or less and battery replacement services have a 20 minute turn around time depending on the part availability. Fast repair turns around time does not mean that we compromise on quality. We use top-grade iPhone replacement parts and that is the reason why we provide warranty services on our iPhone repair services.


PC Service Dallas is a one-stop Apple device repair shop in Dallas that provides great customer satisfactory repairs along with fast turn around time and warranty services. Let our professional iPhone repair specialists handle all of your iPhone issues and be rest assured that we will come through with our best prices, quality repairs and fast turn around time. Give us a call today on 469-778-4130 detailing the issue with your iPhone, the model number of your iPhone to set an appointment with one of our certified techs or stop by our Dallas location to get your iPhone diagnosed and repaired.

We work on iPhones® of all models including iPhone® 5, iPhone® 5s, iPhone® 6, iPhone®6s, iPhone® 7, iPhone®8, iPhone® 8 plus, iPhone® 7 Plus, iPhone® 6s Plus, iPhone® 6 Plus, iPhone® X, iPhone® XS, iPhone® XS Max, iPhone® 11, iPhone® 11 Pro, iPhone® 11 Pro Max, etc.
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PC Service Dallas is an independent computer repair and IT support company that strives to provide reliable repairs along with excellent customer satisfaction to our clients. We are locally located in Dallas, Texas. Inwood Rd and N Stemmons Fwy.

We serve clients from all over Dallas including Dallas Downtown, Dallas Uptown, North Dallas, Highland Park Dallas, Westlake Dallas, Southlake Dallas, University Park Dallas, Flower Mound Dallas, Preston hollow Dallas, Arts District Dallas, Reunion District Dallas, Lewisville, etc.     

We also cover zip code including Dallas 75219, Dallas 75205, Dallas 75225, Dallas 75209, Dallas 75209, Dallas 75230, Dallas 75201, Dallas 75254, Dallas 75203, Dallas 75214, Dallas 75220, Dallas 75077, Dallas 75019, Dallas 75082, Dallas 76092, Dallas 75094, Dallas 75028, Dallas 75013, Dallas 75225, Dallas 75022, Dallas 75207, Dallas 75247, Dallas 75235, Dallas 75220.

Computer and MacBook Repair Workstation Dallas

iPhone® Repair Services do we provide in Dallas

Local iPhone® Cracked Screen replacement

iPhone┬« cracked screen is probably the most common problem among iPhone┬« users. If you have a cracked screen on your iPhone┬«, we will replace it best prices that can’t beat around Dallas. Even if the cracked screen seems to be working fine, it is best to replace your iPhone┬« screen as it deteriorates your

iPhone is disabled repair DallasLCD over time and could also injure your fingers.  We provide the following iPhone® repair screen repair services for the following problems:

  • Bleeding color lines on the iPhone┬« screen.
  • white/black spots on the iPhone┬« screen.
  • iPhone┬« touch unresponsive.
  • The iPhone┬« screen color is distorted.
  • ghost clicking or unwanted touch response.
  • part of the iPhone┬« screen not working.
  • The iPhone┬« screen is dim.
  • iPhone┬« on but no display.

iPhone® not charging repair in Dallas

HeadPhone Jack and speaker repair

When the iPhone┬« is connected to the charger and it doesn’t charge, it’s more fatal than a broken iPhone┬« screen. It’s like a ticking time bomb, the battery will die and eventually leaving your iPhone┬« dead. However the problem could be coming from the charger itself, please check your charger with another device to test it. If all fails, please see a certified technician get your iPhone┬« repaired. Give us a call and we can replace the charging port to get your iPhone┬« functional within the same day.

Local iPhone® Battery replacement store in Dallas

Batteries age with time, the chemical properties of the battery degrade over time and the battery doesn’t provide peak performance and backup. If your iPhone┬« battery isn’t performing well, you need a battery replacement for your iPhone┬« to get back the performance and backup time. ┬áHowever, if your battery is draining fast, you can put your iapple iphone battery replacementPhone in the power saving mode and turn off power background app refresh, adjust to lower brightness, turn off cellular data to get more out of your battery. You need a battery replacement if you have any of the following problems:

  • the battery doesn’t charge fully
  • charger plugged in but not charging
  • smartphone turns off at more than 10%
  • the swift decline in battery percentage
  • backup time decreased
  • the iPhone┬« is slow and the battery is draining fast

Best iPhone® Liquid damage repair shop in Dallas

We have seen a lot of iPhone┬«s with liquid damage. No matter a small splash or a full dip in the swimming pool. We will recover your iPhone┬«┬á If your phone is submerged in liquid for any time. We advise you to turn off the phone immediately and don’t try to charge it or turn it on. Bring the device to a professional as soon as possible. We will do a though ultrasonic cleansing of the device to avoid further damage and corrosion to your phone and test it our for complete functionality or repair your device for any damages from the liquid. Common problems of liquid damage smartphone:iPhone┬«-screen-removed-for-replacement.jpg

  1. The iPhone┬« doesn’t turn on the repair shop
  2. iPhone® touchscreen is not a functional repair shop
  3. iPhone® touchscreen is partially functional repair shop
  4. vapor in the iPhone® camera repair shop
  5. ghost clicks on iPhone® screen repair shop
  6. iPhone® charging port not working repair shop
  7. iPhone® network problems repair shop
  8. iPhone® volume rocker not working repair shop

iPhone® hardware Repairs

iPhone®s are evolving with lots of gizmos and gadgets. We have seen a lot of iPhone® problems but not all. If you have any other problems, we are ready to help you. Please give us a call with your iPhone® model number and your problem description.

iPhone Front Camera Repair Dallas

PC Service Dallas is an independent repair service and support providing company for all kinds of tech devices in the market. PC Service Dallas provides all kinds of services from basic to advanced. PC Service Dallas is well known for providing express services helping customers get their device fixed within the same day. PC Service Dallas has a team of certified and experienced geeks working their best for the satisfaction of customers. Warranty Repair Service provider Dallas, PC Service Dallas also works on smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Common services provided every day by PC Service Dallas includes: Virus Removal, Data Recovery, Hard Drive Upgrade, Memory Upgrade, HDD to SSD upgrade, virus protection, operating system configuration, data migration, software installation, hardware upgrade, Screen Repair/replacement, Battery Repair/replacement, wifi issue fix and many more.

best iPhone screen repair Dallas

We have been working in the computer repair sector for a long time and have gained skills and gathered resources to tackle any problems. Our technicians are certified by Apple, CompTIA, Microsoft and have years of experience in computer repair and the IT industry. Whatever the problem, we are ready to give you a speedy repair. We have a turnaround time of 1 business day in most cases. No wait times or appointment hassles. Just give us a call and we will be with your right away.


Best iPhone screen repair in Dallas TX

Why choose our iPhone repair services in Dallas?

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed: We want you to be satisfied with our services. We go above and beyond to make sure your requirements are met. No questions, no hassle just work done the right away.
  2. Limited Warranty: We provide our clients with a limited-term warranty on the repairs. If your device has the same problem again, we will fix it at NO ADDITIONAL COST.
  3. Price Guaranteed: We provide the best service at the lowest price in all Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We get our replacement part directly from manufacturers and pass on the savings to our clients.
  4. Expert Technicians: Our technicians are certified by CompTIA, Microsoft, Apple. We pride ourselves with 10+ years of work experience in the industry. Our technicians are a few of the best you can find in Dallas.
  5. No Unpleasant Surprises:┬áWe donÔÇÖt damage your data in any way. We will evaluate your problem and discuss any potential risks with the repair process. If you wish to have your data backed up before the repair, we can do that too.
  6. Clear Communication:┬áYou donÔÇÖt want someone speaking in a computer language to you. You deserve to have a conversation in plain English. Our technicians talk in plain English to make sure you understand everything clearly.


Q: My iPhone® X screen is broken, how long does it take to replace the screen?
A: We can replace your iPhone® X screen in 30 minutes. However, give us a call to schedule an appointment to make the experience smooth.

Q: I spilled some water on Samsung┬ágalaxy s10 and it’s not turning on anymore, can you fix that?
A: Liquid damage could short circuit and damage multiple components. We can do an ultrasonic cleansing to clean your device and try to boot it up. If it doesn’t work, we will diagnose the individual problems to find out what’s wrong and how much will it cost to fix it.

Q: My iPhone® dropped from my hand has a broken screen, do you replace the screen?
A: Yes, We do replace iPhone® screen. Please give us a call with your iPhone® model and the color of your iPhone® to get a quote on your iPhone® screen replacement and an appointment for fast service.

Q: I have confidential information on my smartphone, I am worried about getting it repaired. 
A: Don’t worry! We don’t access your phone in any way beyond the scope of repair.┬áwe don’t ask for your passcode on the phone. We can test the device in front of you.

Q: Do you provide a warranty on iPhone® batteries?
A: Yes, we provide 90 days warranty on all batteries. If you have any problems within 90 days. We will replace the battery for you.

Q: WhatÔÇÖs covered in the phone screen┬áreplacement warranty?
A: We cover all the manufacturing defects on the screen that we replace here. We use the high standard phone and ┬áHowever, it doesnÔÇÖt cover any accidental damages like drops, liquid damage, damage due to pressure on the screen.

Q: How Much Is It To Repair An iPhone 6 Screen?

According to the damage and quality of the screen, the prices can differ. The price for the iPhone 6 screen repair starts at $49.

Q: How Much Is It To Repair iPhone 6s Screen?

According to the damage and quality of the screen, the prices can differ. The price for the iPhone 6s screen repair starts at $59.

Q: How Much To Repair iPhone 7 Plus Screen?

To repair iPhone 7 Plus Screen the price can vary from $69-$99 depending on the quality of the screen you want and the damage on your iPhone 7 Plus LCD.

Q: How To Repair Water Damaged iPhone?

You can repair water damaged iPhone by performing ultrasonic cleaning and in-board repair on your iPhone. We provide both ultrasonic cleaning and logic board repair services for the iPhone.

Q: Can Water Damaged iPhone Be Repaired?

Yes, water damaged iPhones can be repaired. We provide iPhone water damage repair service.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Repair An iPhone Screen?

The time to repair an iPhone screen depends on which model of iPhone screen we need to replace and can range anywhere from 15 minutes to 25 minutes.

Q: How Much To Repair iPhone 8 Plus Screen?

The price range of an iPhone 8 can vary according to the quality of the iPhone screen you want to get and the damage on the iPhone 8 screen. It starts at $79.

Q: How To Repair iPhone 7 Screen?

You can repair the iPhone screen by replacing the iPhone screen. We can help you because we provide an iPhone screen replacement service.

Q: Where To Repair iPhone?

You can come to PC Service Dallas located at 2629 N Stemmons Fwy 106, Dallas TX 75207 to get your iPhone repaired.

Q: Can An iPhone Charging Port Be Repaired?

Yes, you can get an iPhone charging port repair, in fact, PC Service Dallas offers iPhone charging port repair service in Dallas.

Q: Can You Repair iPhone 6 Water Damage?

Yes, we can repair the iPhone 6 water damage.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Repair iPhone Power Button?

It depends on what kind of damage is done to the power button. If you could bring your iPhone to our store, we can diagnose your iPhone and give you an exact price for your iPhone power button repair.

Q: How Much Is It To Repair An iPhone 5s Screen?

The price for the iPhone 5s screen is $49.

Q: How Much Is It To Repair An iPhone Screen?

Pricing for the iPhone screen depends on the model of the iPhone.

Q: How To Repair iPhone 6 Plus?

If you can tell us what kind of repair you want for your iPhone 6 Plus, we can help you.

Q: How To Repair Wet iPhone?

You can bring your iPhone to us. We provide iPhone liquid damage repair service for iPhone.

Q: Where Can I Get My iPhone Repaired Near Me?

You can come to PC Service DallasÔÇÖs store at 2629 N Stemmons Fwy 106, Dallas TX 75207 to get your iPhone repaired.

Q: Where Can I Repair My iPhone 4?

You can come to PC Service DallasÔÇÖs store at 2629 N Stemmons Fwy 106, Dallas TX 75207 to get your iPhone repaired. We provide iPhone 4 repair service.

Q: Who Repairs iPhone Screens?

PC Service Dallas repairs iPhone screen.

Q: Can A Water Damaged iPhone Be Repaired?

Yes, it can be restored. We provide iPhone water damage repair services.

Learn more about our mobile phone repair services here.

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