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If you want to get your slow computer upgraded near you then PC Service Dallas can help you with that. We provide computer repair, upgrade and IT tech support services for all types and models of computers all around the Dallas Forth Worth metroplex. We understand how frustrating it can be when your computer is performing extremely slow. Just give us a call on 469-778-4130 detailing your computer issues, brand, and model number and we can provide you with the best upgrade solutions for your computer.


Is your computer always freezing and crashing? Do you experience lengthy boot time from your computer? Are you tired of seeing your cursor turn into the processing sign or the rainbow-colored icon? Does your computer not support creative applications like Photoshop, Final Cut, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, etc due to lack of computing capacity? All of these problems you might have with your slow computer can be resolved by upgrading your computer’s memory, storage or graphics. We also provide home computer services for your slow computer upgrade, so you can book an appointment with us and one of our certified technicians will be dispatched to your convenient location to get your slow computer upgraded to a fast one.ASUS windows laptop computer repair service Dallas texas


Upgrade services we provide for your computer in the Dallas Fort Worth area

  1. Upgrade your home computer
  2. Upgrade your business computer
  3. Upgrade your slow computer
  4. Upgrade your computer’s memory
  5. Upgrade your computer’s storage
  6. Upgrade your computer’s graphic card
  7. Upgrade your computer’s OS
  8. Upgrade your computer’s hardware
  9. Upgrade your computer’s software
  10. Upgrade your computer by removing viruses

Dell laptop computer repair service Dallas texas



imac upgrades and repair services computer dallas

Getting your computer upgraded is a cost-efficient way to make your PC performance faster without breaking the bank for a new computer. There are several options that can help make your slow computer faster and PC Service Dallas provides you with these options below



One of the ways to make your slow computer system fast again is to get your computer memory upgraded. The memory upgrade capability also differs according to the computer you have, some models can only support up to 8 GB of memory upgrade or less whereas the newer computers have memory upgradeable up to 64 GB and can support up to 128 GB of memory. The higher the memory you have, the faster your computer system will be. If your computer has more memory that will directly influence the speed of operation because the data transfer due to higher RAM memory will be faster since more data will be stored in the temporary RAM memory making the processing faster. Give us a call today on 469-778-4130 detailing your computer model number and we can provide you with a free quote on upgrading your computer memory to the upgradable option that you would like.



Sometimes your computer will have slower performance because of a hard drive failure or because your hard disk storage is nearly full. The average life span of a hard drive is three to five years because of the mechanism that the hard drive operates on. The hard drive is a mechanical storage device that has several moving parts that function together to store data magnetically onto a platter on the hard drive. As time passes, the mechanical process the hard drive does to store data will have issues due to failure on some moving hard drive parts. If your omputer slowing down one of the reasons this could be due to your computer hard drive storage capacity is almost full hence fewer data can be written and fewer operations can be performed. That is why hard drive upgrades are necessary for computer system optimization. Our certified computer repair and upgrade specialists will check the health of your hard drive and will provide you with the best possible upgrade solution for your computer system.



Most computers come with the classic hard drives and after a few years of usage, you will find that your computer becomes gradually slower or lagging and that is because on average hard disk drives have 3-5 years of average lifespan. Meanwhile, the newer SSD storage technology is a flash-based storage device that does not have any moving parts but runs on electric power.  Due to this, the SSDs are significantly faster due to faster data transfer rates and they also consume less power than your typical hard disk drives. One of the main reasons that you might need to upgrade your computer storage to SSD is that SSDs are more reliable and have less chance of failure since it is not affected by physical damage and last longer than hard drives. Give us a call and let us know if your computer needs an upgrade. The speedy performance you get from an SSD upgrade on your computer is simply unreal.


Slow Lenovo Laptop Computer Repair Service Dallas TexasSometimes the very thing that is causing your computer to be slow is the viruses or malware on your computer or the outdated operating system your computer has. Don’t worry we provide a fresh start computer configuration initiative for faster performance. We can provide software upgrade configuration services for any of your windows or mac computers that will make your computer like brand new performance-wise. Give us a call to set an appointment today to get your computer upgraded.


HP Desktop Computer repair service Dallas

The graphics card is one of the main components that we can upgrade for better visuals and using creative applications that require lots of GPU processing. Especially for gaming computers and production work, getting a Graphics card upgrade is very essential. Rendering and processing files stress out your computer graphics a lot which could overheat your computer and further damaging your computer motherboard. That is one of the reasons you need a dedicated graphics card for your computer to handle all that processing. Gaming and creative production applications like Witchers 2, Assasins Creed, GTA V, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc require your computer to have a good graphics card in order for smooth and faster operation. If you want to use these applications for your computer then it is better to get your graphics card upgraded, so give us a call to set an appointment with us or walk into our computer store to get your computer graphics card upgraded.



After providing the computer upgrade, we will also check your computer hardware and software compatibility and perform a 13 point test including a graphics stress test, hardware component testing, thermal testing, BIOS test, I/O test, POST test, Sensor testing, Boot testing, OSX compatibility testing, Memory Testing, etc. We also provide IT technical support even after the repair or upgrade procedure up to 90 days.


When Do You Need Our Computer Upgrade Service?

Computer freezes and crashes

HP Laptop blue screen error repair service Dallas

Computers are equipped with performing complex calculations and operations without freezing and crashing. So, if your computer is freezing or crashing intermittently or frequently then it is a sign that your computer is not getting the hardware requirements met in accordance with the programs you want to run or tasks you want the computer to do.

Slow computer repair

slow-imac-repair-serviceYou know it is time to upgrade your computer when you can feel that your computer has gotten significantly slower than it used to be. Slow computers can be caused because of software or hardware issues. But don’t worry PC Service Dallas has the solutions to make your slow computer fast again no matter what issue it is caused by hardware or software.

Computer Overheating or Loud Fan Repair

imac-heating-issue-service-pcservicedallasWhen you can feel that your computer is too hot or your fan is making an unusually loud noise when operating you should be aware that your computer is having some kind of hardware problem. In this scenario, before there is more damage done to the computer it is in your best interest to get it checked out by a professional technician and repair it.

Computer System error repair

Gaming-computer-blue-screen-of-death-error-repair-service-DallasWhen you get system errors or missing drivers warnings or blue screen of death(BSOD) then it is probably because of a problem with a hardware component of the computer. When you turn on your computer, the BIOS checks the computer for the functionality of all the hardware components present in the computer and when they find that some or one of your hardware components is not working then you get system errors and warning messages. If you get these warnings, then you should get it checked out by a professional technician right away.

Computer Intermittent Restarts and Shutdowns Repair

Dell Laptop precision repair service DallasIt is not normal for a computer to randomly shutdown or randomly restart. This happens because your computer is having issues and these issues could be within your hardware or software. PC Service Dallas provides upgrade and repair services for both hardware and software on your computer to prevent further intermittent restarts and shutdowns.

PC Service Dallas is an industry-leading pioneer in affordable and quality computer and smartphone repair. We offer technical support for both hardware and software problems on a computer. We repair all kinds of desktop, laptop, notebook, tablets, smartphones, and many other devices. All our services are designed to be convenient, hassle-free, affordable to our clients for a suitable repair experience. You can bring your device to us at our convenient location, or you can choose to get a home service. We will either come to your house and fix it there or bring the device back, fix it and deliver it back to your house. Give us a call about your device, we will fix your appliance in no time.

Dell laptop repair service Dallas texas

We have been working in the computer repair sector for a long time and have gained skills and gathered resources to tackle any problems. Our technicians are certified by Apple, CompTIA, Microsoft and have years of experience in computer repair and the IT industry. Whatever the problem, we are ready to give you a speedy repair. We have a turnaround time of 1 business day in most cases. No wait times or appointment hassles. Just give us a call and we will be with your right away.


Why Choose Our Computer Upgrade Services?



There won’t be any kind of hidden fees associated with the repair. The quote we provide will already include the price for the labor, part, and service that we provide. We will make sure that our customers are on board with the price before we proceed with the repair.


We have faster repair turn around time since our technicians have several years of experience in working with all kinds of devices and models of computers. Fast problem identification and isolation allows us to provide our customers with express repair services.


We use the highest standard of repair parts for our repair services and that is the reason why we are able to provide a warranty on all of our repair services that need a replacement. Our technicians have proper knowledge of the ESD precautions and safety measures to ensure that your device is properly handled.


If you need to make an immediate request for repair or you want to set a date to bring your device in for repair, we are always here to provide you with our affordable and reliable repair service.


Most of the repair services we provide are done within the same day depending on the part availability. So, you can rely on us to provide you with a fast and reliable service that you deserve. PC Service Dallas strives its best to provide our customers with the best repair service at a minimal time to ensure that the customer’s work is not being affected by the situation.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 9.11.14 AMContact us now for express computer upgrade services.

We also provide PC Computer repair, laptop notebook repair, smartphone repair, and all kinds of computer repair services in Dallas.

Get Free Computer Repair Quote Near Dallas


Q: How much will it cost to upgrade my computer’s memory?

A: The cost of upgrading your computer’s memory will depend upon your computer’s compatibility with the memory size and the memory size you want to be installed on your computer. So if you give us a call and give us details about your computer’s specs or visit our store we can give you an upgrade quote and service,

Q: Where can I get my computer upgraded to the max?

A: We can help you get your computer upgraded to the maximum upgrade your computer is comparable with. You can visit our store at 2629 North Stemmons Freeway #106A, Dallas.

Q: Will upgrading to SSD make my computer faster?

A: Yes, upgrading to SSD can make your computer significantly faster since SSD doesn’t have any mechanical parts and all storage is stored in arrays electronically.

Q: Can you upgrade my graphics card on my computer to Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti?

A: Yes we can upgrade your computer to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti if your computer is comparable with this graphic card.

Q: What should I upgrade on my PC?

A: There are several things that can be upgraded on PCs, it just depends on what kind of work you do on your PC. If you just need a faster performing PC you can just upgrade the SSD on your PC. If you want more processing and multi-tasking performance from your PC, upgrade your RAM and if you need to play games or to create 3D films or animations then you’re going to need a graphics card upgrade as well. Give us a call and let us know your requirements and we will help you get the best upgrade options for your PC.

Q: How do I upgrade my desktop computer?

A: If you can let us know your model of computer, we can let you know what upgrades your computer is capable of and how to upgrade your desktop computer.

Q: What should I upgrade on my PC for gaming?

A: Gaming computer upgrades are mostly memory or RAM upgrades or graphics card upgrade and probably a motherboard upgrade at most.

Q: Should I upgrade or buy a new computer?

A: It is cost-efficient to upgrade your computer but if your computer is too old and is not capable of upgrades on it then it is best to buy a new computer. Give us a call detailing your computer model number and brand and we can inform you of the better upgrade options you might have.

Q: Will more RAM make my computer faster?

A: Yes, more RAM will significantly make your computer faster.

Q: Can you upgrade an old computer?

A: Yes, you can upgrade an old computer but it just depends on what needs to be upgraded.

Q: What is better to upgrade SSD or RAM?

A: Both of the upgrades are better in their own way. If you just want a faster performance then you can go ahead with the SSD upgrade but if you want better multitasking then upgrading RAM memory is better. But if your hard drive is failing and you upgrade your RAM then it is not going to be as helpful of an upgrade.

Q: How much RAM do I need 2019?

A: The amount of RAM you might need on your computer depends on what kind of work you would like to do on your computer. Let us know your requirements and we can provide you with the upgrade option for your computer.

Q: Is upgrading RAM worth it?

A: If you’re upgrading RAM from a 4GB computer to a 12 GB, it could be worth it. But if you are upgrading your 32 GB RAM then it could not be worth it. It all depends on what kind of performance you want from your computer.

Q: Should I upgrade to 32gb RAM?

A: If you want a faster performance while playing games or video editing using motion graphics then it could be worth it. But if you’re just browsing the internet and using notepad and paint applications it might not be worth it.

Q: How much RAM does Windows 10 require?

A: Windows 10 for a 32-bit computer requires at least 1GB of RAM memory and for 64-bit computer requires a minimum of 2GB RAM for functioning.

Q: Is it worth upgrading my computer?

A: If your computer does not have major motherboard issues or power supply issues and is capable of upgrades then it could be worth it to get your computer upgraded.

Q: How much does it cost to upgrade your computer?

A: The price to upgrade your computer varies on what kind of upgrade you would want to do on your computer. The price for a memory upgrade, hard drive upgrade, SSD upgrade, and graphics card upgrade is all different. Let us know what kind of upgrade you want and we can provide you the cost.

Q: Can I upgrade my existing PC to Windows 10?

A: If your existing PC meets the requirements for a windows 10 upgrade then you can upgrade it to Windows 10.

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