If you have Windows XP, you may have received a notification that Microsoft will no longer support it. You probably wonder what that means. First, it doesn’t mean that your computer will shut down and no longer function. It just means that you will no longer receive updates from Microsoft that protect you from viruses, and you will not be able to use many new programs written for your computer.

If we still had a computer with Windows XP on it, we would recommend upgrading at this point. First, you want to be protected from Viruses and all the antivirus programs are written for computers from today. So if you try to install anti-virus on your computer, your system will run so slow it will be almost unusable. Second, when new programs are written they probably won’t support windows XP and you don’t want to buy something that you need that night and realize you also need a new computer. It’s always best to upgrade when you’re not in a rush to get something completed. And it’s also a good time to do it when your old computer still works. Some people wait till their computer no longer functions to upgrade. Then they have an old obscure program they want us to make work and we cant access the old computer to see what was going on.

So our advice is, if you have the money go ahead and have us do the upgrade for you. That way we can hold your hand through the process and make things easier for you.

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