Help… My keyboard or mouse won’t work

broken-keyboard-repairHaving a laptop with a broken mouse or broken keyboard can be an extremely frustrating experience. Everything works, you just can’t get to it. Most often, a keyboard will stop working as a result of a spill. Either the keys get stuck or the keyboard circuitry gets fried, but either way your keyboard can quickly become nothing more than a large paperweight. Mice can fail for a number of reasons: the laser optics can break, it can be clogged with dust, or the USB port it’s plugged into might fail. Before panicking, check that:

  • The ports your devices are plugged in to work. Try changing the ports to see if the situation resolves itself.
  • Check if a different keyboard or mouse works. If the problem is with the mouse itself or an external keyboard, it’s far cheaper to replace with new devices than to repair.
  • If those steps don’t resolve your problem, fill out a free quote form or bring your laptop by LaptopMD+ to get a full, free diagnosis and estimate. Or check out some of the reasons your keyboard or mouse doesn’t work below.