Computer Hardware Repair


As your computer gets old, you begin to feel that your computer is not performing as efficiently as it used to. You hear your computer making weird clicking noises, your computer gets heated very quickly, your computer slows down after using it for a few minutes, your computer freezes and lags most of the time you use it. You’ve had enough and decided that you wanna buy a new one but when you look at the prices of the new computers it’s more than what you wanna pay for a machine. We understand your concerns regarding old machines and how frustrating they can get to work. Don’t worry we have just the right solutions for you to get your old computer back to its peak performance. PC Service Dallas provides you with the best hardware repair options available for your device. We work with all brands and devices and have years of experience with handling computer associated problems. Our technicians are trained professionals who have years of expertise in dealing with computer problems and are willing to help you to get your computer back into the best performance mode.

We understand that a computer is an essential part of your daily school and business/work. We want to keep your computer running well so that you can go back to your daily life. Our certified professionals will fix your computer on the same day in most cases.


Services that we provide:

  1. Computer hardware problem repair
  2. Computer input hardware problem repair
  3. Computer output hardware problem repair
  4. Computer display hardware problem repair
  5. Computer keyboard hardware problem repair
  6. Computer fan hardware problem repair
  7. Computer heat sink hardware problem repair
  8. Computer motherboard hardware problem repair
  9. Computer hard disk hardware problem repair
  10. Computer sound hardware problem repair
  11. Computer mic hardware problem repair
  12. Computer battery/power supply hardware problem repair

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When do you need the computer hardware repair service?

  • Your computer sends you system error code messages: Whenever there is something wrong with any hardware in your computer system, the BIOS detects it and then it sends a warning notification to the user by showing system error messages when you turn on your computer. If you see any system error codes on your computer, you can give us a call or bring your device over to the store for a quick diagnostics and repair service.
  • You hear weird sounds from your computer: Computers are machines that perform thousands of calculations and operations silently. Most of the work of the computer is done electronically so if you hear any mechanical noise, clicking noise or beeping sound coming from the computer or loud fan noises then you should be aware that there is something wrong with the hardware of your computer. The best thing to do in these scenarios is to have a professional take a look at your device.
  • Your computer gets slow more you use it: Slow computers can be caused by various things such as bad RAM, bad graphics card, bad CPU or fan not working properly. The older your computer gets the hardware also becomes older and due to dust and debris getting inside the computer will make it’s components work less effectively hence it will give you less efficient output making your computer slow.
  • Your computer gets heated quickly: Most of the time your computer gets heated when your CPU is processing and producing lots of heat. To cool the system the fan and the heatsink work hard. But if one of them is failing or not working then the heat gets trapped inside along with the dust and debris and keeps generating more heat. So, when you sense that your computer gets heated very fast then you should consult with a professional.

PC Service Dallas is a local hub for computer and cell phone repair conveniently located at Medical District by Dallas downtown. We serve the residents of Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. From MacBooks to PCs, we repair all the devices with any problem. We offer a wide range of services like data recovery, laptop screen repair, virus removal, charging port repair, no power issues, broken hinge repair, Macbook Repair, email setup, HDD upgrade, PC upgrade and more. We provide affordable services to our clients.

Old Dusty motherboard of a Desktop computer casing with two fans and wires

We have been working in the computer repair sector for a long time and have gained skills and gathered resources to tackle any problems. Our technicians are certified by Apple, CompTIA, Microsoft and have years of experience in computer repair and the IT industry. Whatever the problem, we are ready to give you a speedy repair. We have a turnaround time of 1 business day in most cases. No wait times or appointment hassles. Just give us a call and we will be with your right away


Why choose our virus removal services?

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed: We want you to be satisfied with our services. We go above and beyond to make sure your requirements are met. No questions, no hassle just work done the right away.
  2. Limited Warranty: We provide our clients with a limited-term warranty on the repairs. If your device has the same problem again, we will fix it at NO ADDITIONAL COST.
  3. Price Guaranteed: We provide the best service at the lowest price in all Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We get our replacement part directly from manufacturers and pass on the savings to our clients.
  4. Expert Technicians: Our technicians are certified by CompTIA, Microsoft, Apple. We pride ourselves with 10+ years of work experience in the industry. Our technicians are a few of the best you can find in Dallas.
  5. No Unpleasant Surprises: We don’t damage your data in any way. We will evaluate your problem and discuss any potential risks with the repair process. If you wish to have your data backed up before the repair, we can do that too.
  6. Clear Communication: You don’t want someone speaking in a computer language to you. You deserve to have a conversation in plain English. Our technicians talk in plain English to make sure you understand everything clearly.


Dell-computer-on-startup-screenContact us now for fast and effective virus removal services.

We also provide PC Computer repair, laptop notebook repair, smartphone repair, and all kinds of computer repair services in Dallas.

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Q: My computer is showing a blue screen with some texts. Do you fix this type of problem?

A: Yes, we can fix your computer problem. The blue screen your computer is showing means that your computer most probably has a hardware failure or missing driver for your hard drive. You can give us a call or bring in your device for further diagnosis to generate repair options for your computer.

Q: Do viruses cause my computer to heat up?

A: No, viruses don’t directly cause heating problems on the computer. But if your computer is infected with viruses we can help you to get rid of the viruses, just give us a call or you can bring your device to the store for virus removal services.

Q: I dropped my laptop. After the drop, my laptop was not working. Can you help me?

A: Yes, we can help you. It seems like your laptop is not working because of the damage done to the hardware. We provide hardware repair services. Just bring your device in for a diagnosis on what caused the laptop to not work and we can provide you with the repair options.

Q: My computer is not showing LOCAL disk D. What can I do?

A: One of the reasons your computer is not showing Local disk D maybe because that partition of your hard drive could be corrupted. To better understand what could have happened that cause the Local disk D to not show up in your computer give us a call or we can run a diagnostic on your device when you bring it to the store.

Q: What is the price to change the motherboard of my hp laptop?

A: Its price to change the motherboard depends on what type of device you have and what seems to be the problem with your laptop to change the motherboard. Call us with a serial number of your device and issue. We will help you right away.

Q: Does replacing the hard drive make your computer fast?

A: Yes, if your hard drive is old and you replace your hard drive with an SSD or a new Hard disk drive your computer will operate comparatively faster.

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